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https://github.com/teiid - Parent https://github.com/teiid/teiid - The Core Project https://github.com/teiid/teiid-documents - The Project Docs

SVN (only versions prior to 8.2.Alpha2)

All major and minor releases have a tag in subversion.  If you use Eclipse for development, please see setting up your development environment.

End-User Developers

Teiid can be used in application development in a number of ways: as a JDBC driver, through its administrative interface, or through one of its standard extensions.  See the Client Developer's Guide for more.  End-user developers should develop using a released, stable, binary version of Teiid.  Regardless, we do encourage all developers to follow the development of the latest version.

Looking for a fully supported, certified Data Virtualization Platform?

tei·id (TEE-id)

adj.     pertaining to a family of tropical American whip-tailed lizards noted for speed and agility.
n.     a set of open source enterprise information integration tools noted for their ability to rapidly create data services that can quickly adapt to changes in your IT environment.

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