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Teiid and MetaMatrix

MetaMatrix pioneered the EII (Enterprise Information Integration) market segment.  Through many product iterations, the core of the MetaMatrix technology represents an advanced and proven approach to scalable information using a relational abstraction.

MetaMatrix joined Red Hat under JBoss Middleware in April of 2007.  At the time MetaMatrix followed a closed source model.  Now, the MetaMatrix approach to EII will continue to thrive as the community driven Teiid Project, with a subscription based product JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform offering the renowned support of Red Hat/JBoss.

The Teiid code line was started in parallel with the 5.5.2 release effort.  The current state of Teiid incorporates relevant fixes available in subsequent service packs and originating through our professional support.  However the product and feature set of Teiid is different from MetaMatrix.  Foremost Teiid encompasses only the MetaMatrix server and related components - the Designer is its own project at http://www.jboss.org/teiiddesigner.  Next major components are evolving (Console -> JON) or have been removed (QueryBuilder). Finally important extension APIs have changed/and or been supplanted by other mechanisms. Please consult Teiid the release notes, documentation, and forums if you experience an issue migrating from MetaMatrix.

MetaMatrix Release History

The following table provides an overview of previous MetaMatrix releases.

Major Release Date Release Description

11/09 5.5 SP4

MetaMatrix Server runs on JDK 1.6 and supports clients running on both JDK 1.5 and 1.6.

Added support for correlated sub-queries in the ON clause.

The Salesforce connector supports Salesforce API version 14 and supports the QueryAll operator and two new functions, getUpdated( ) and getDeleted()

10/24/08 5.5 SP3

User productivity enhancements including: Data and transformation preview capability in Designer, simplified views for managing data source connections and user-defined functions, and simple publish/unpublish to UDDI registries.

Add support for these data sources: Salesforce.com, LDAP v3, Oracle 11g XA, MySQL 5 XA, PostgreSQL 8.1 XA.  Add support for the following as a metadata and confg repository: Oracle 11g, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.1. SQL Server 2005.  Add support for 64-bit Windows.

Tech preview integration with JBoss ON/Jopr.

Hibernate dialect included in JDBC client JAR.

03/07/08  5.5 SP2 XA transaction processing and performance improvements.  Replaced legacy XA solution with JBoss Transactions.
01/23/08  5.5 SP1

Availability of Enterprise Designer on Linux in addition to Windows.  Minor language enhancements to facilitate integration with business intelligence tools.

09/28/07 5.5 Greatly simplified/enhanced LDAP integration. LOB type streaming throughout MetaMatrix Server. XML document query processing performance significantly improved. Implicit and Explicit temp table creation. UI performance improvements in Enterprise Designer. New metadata repository structure/implementation.

05/03/07 5.0 SP3 Improved criteria pushdown for left and right outer joins. Upgraded MetaIntegration bridge to version 5.1.1. Added support for ERwin 7 import. Improved indexing service by synchronizing the processing by model ID. This means that if a request is made on the same model, that they will be queued in order so that they are processed one-at-a-time. Also, Connector bindings are now scoped to VDBs.
11/30/06 5.0 SP2 Virtual procedures can now contain dynamic SQL, composed during the execution of the procedure. Our message structure visualization enhancements started in SP1 were further improved in this release, allowing editing of datatypes when navigating a complex XML schema.  Enhanced functionality for selecting and editing inputs for Web service operations in the Designer.
8/7/06 5.0 SP1 Lots of new functionality. We added 'native' support for XML sources, with a new XML Service model type, XML connectors, and XQuery-based XML Service Views; all integrated through the MetaMatrix query engine. Designer sports a new input parameter editor to make it easier to define XPaths to convert from doc-literal XSDs to scalar parameters. Modeling of XML messages also got easier, with hierarchical views showing leaf-structures. A new diagnostics packager has been added to make it easier to interact with MetaMatrix Tech Support. A new Web Service importer makes it easier than ever to define a Relational model for automatically transforming Web service XML structure to flattened relational, when you need to integrate with other relational sources.
6/1/06 5.0 Two new products: MetaMatrix Dimension and MetaMatrix Query. Automatic generation of Web services from multiple relational sources in MetaMatrix Designer. Cost-based optimization and significant performance improvements in the Enterprise Server. Support for Apache Derby, MySQL, and PostgreSQL data sources. Introduction of the Dev Central community Web site.

12/16/05 4.3 SP3 Support for named parameters in MetaMatrix procedure language; auto-creation of Web service from relational models; auto-creation of virtual relational model from XSD; performance and query optimization improvements; text importer improvements (functional and usability); numerous fixes to ERwin importer; performance and usability improvements in XML modeling / mapping logic
11/23/05 4.3 SP2 Performance and query optimization improvements; text importer improvements (functional and usability); numerous fixes to ERwin importer; performance and usability improvements in XML modeling / mapping logic
10/17/05 4.3 SP1 Performance and query optimization improvements; text importer improvements (functional and usability); numerous fixes to ERwin importer; performance and usability improvements in XML modeling / mapping logic
09/15/05 4.3 VDB Execution in Modeler (using embedded query engine); simple datatype editor; creation of virtual layers using System Catalog; automatic XSD generation from relational models; upgrade to Eclipse 3.1; distributed query processor (DQP) component for ISVs; Administrative API for Server and DQP; XML streaming; significant Server performance improvements; Web Services made WS-I standards-compliant.

06/17/05 4.2 SP2 ODBC naming improvements; Drag and drop for virtual transformation editing
05/13/05 4.2 SP1 Server performance improvements - buffer management, data serialization, partial aggregation to optimize joins over aggregates/unions; XML recursion enhancements.
04/08/05 4.2 Web services modeling, discovery, and execution - "data services"; integration with Systinet UDDI Registry; generic relationship builder; model difference analysis; metadata search and object finder; Popkin model importer; materialized views caching; result set caching; query optimizations; per-command trusted payload.

10/11/04 4.1 SP2  
08/05/04 4.1 SP1  
06/23/04 4.1 UML and Relationship metamodels; UML-to-Relational model generator; Rose, Erwin importers; Support for streaming Blobs/Clobs; MetaMatrix virtual procedures; XQuery support; Server performance improvements.

02/27/04 4.0 Modeler converted to run in Eclipse; rearchitected MetaMatrix Server and metadata Repository; design-time catalog for searching over Repository metadata.

02/13/04 3.1 SP7  
11/18/03 3.1 SP6  
10/03/03 3.1 SP5  
08/29/03 3.1 SP4  
07/25/03 3.1 SP3  
06/20/03 3.1 SP2  
05/10/03 3.1 SP1  
04/01/03 3.1 Updates through virtual groups; distributed, multi-source transactions (XA sources); stored queries, access patterns, prepared statements, subqueries; static costing using source cardinality metadata; metadata refresh/differencing capabilities in Modeler.

10/28/02 3.0 SP2  
10/09/02 3.0 SP1  
08/29/02 3.0 XML data access from non-XML sources; XQuery interface; XML and datatypes modeling; SOAP API; buffer/cursor management; metadata import/export framework.

04/19/02 2.1 SP1  
03/15/02 2.1 Ad hoc search capability in Repository; metadata viewer tool.

(Golden Gate)
12/19/01 2.0 SP1  
11/16/01 2.0 MOF/XMI-based metadata representation; metadata Repository; UML diagram-centric Modeler; data access through virtual metadata layer; JDBC API for Server.

08/29/01 1.3 SP3  
07/25/01 1.3 SP2  
06/26/01 1.3 SP1  
06/22/01 1.3 Single-source update capability; user-controlled transactions; Server monitoring via Console.

(Gateway Arch)
03/08/01 1.2 Connector Development Kit (CDK) tool; simplified configuration management & installation.
1.1 01/29/01 1.1 SQL-based data interface; RDBMS for internal persistence; QueryBuilder tool.
1.0 07/20/00 1.0 SP2  
07/05/00 1.0 SP1  
06/21/00 1.0 Server, Modeler, Console; cross-source queries; relational algebra-based query planning; user authentication & data authorization.
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